We would like to address the issues and accomplishments that we have experienced since the last letter to shareholders, as well as solicit suggestions on how we can improve future communications with our shareholders.

The basic principle of ensuring the success of the company's investments, is to cooperate with the world's largest corporations, having a reliable reputation.

We are committed to being transparent to our shareholders. We have instructed our lawyers to always comply with any request from a shareholder for current up to date information.

Company started 2015 with investments in 3 companies with a total amount of 32.40 millions CHF.
As of 31.12.2014, «Swiss Capital International Group» consisted of 4 companies:

  • “Swiss Capital International Group AG”
  • “Agrofirma “Selo Voroshilova”
  • “Aysel Invest”
  • “UZTEX Shovot”

In 2015, a range of measures aimed at improving efficiency and productivity been carried out for each of the areas of investment.

2 new companies been acquired and as of 31.12.2015, «Swiss Capital International Group» consist of 6 companies:

  • “Swiss Capital International Group AG” (income 8 009 832,23 CHF, profit 975 414,68 CHF)
  • "Pyatigorskiy Molochniy Kombinat" (income 46 205 348,66 CHF, profit 615 816,09 CHF)
  • “Agrofirma “Selo Voroshilova” (income 7911 754,79 CHF, profit 330 636,02 CHF)
  • “Aysel Invest” (Radisson BLU) (income 5098 227.79 profit 1738 002,93 CHF)
  • “UZTEX Shovot” (income 10 979 672,70 CHF, profit 32 811,37 CHF)
  • "Asia Trans Terminal" (income 523 581,42 CHF, loss 461 023,15 CHF)

Comprehensive income for 2015 in the «Swiss Capital International Group» was 78 728 417,59 CHF, and net profit for the group was 3 231 657,94 CHF.