"Pyatigorsk Dairy Plant" - is one of the largest enterprises of the Stavropol Region on milk processing and the development of dairy products.
The plant produces more than 70 types of dairy products from natural raw materials, which receive daily health resorts of Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk, Yessentuki.
Share of «Swiss Capital International Group» is 50%.
The company operates on the principle of a complete, closed, environmentally friendly cycle, comprising: cultivating feed without the use of herbicides, pesticides, breeding and dairy cattle, receiving raw materials and their processing, issue of dairy products that do not contain preservatives, chemical additives, stabilizers. Extensive manufacturing capabilities, strict quality control of milk used have allowed the company to gain the trust of its customers and business partners. Over the many years of experience the company managed to increase production capacity to meet the growing population's need for high-quality dairy products in Russia.
The pride of "Pyatigorsk Dairy Plant" is a "Tetrapak" modern technological line.
Thanks to ultra-high short-term treatment, aseptic filling and barrier packaging special milk remains fresh and all useful properties. Thus it is highly resistant and can withstand storage at +2 to +25 ° C for 45 days. This security guarantee is essential for supply of milk in preschool and school institutions, children's resorts. The quality system covers the entire production cycle. Production passes multistage physic-chemical and microbiological control exercised by the manufacturing laboratory. Quality management system in accordance with the requirements of GOST, scheduled program for the further technical re-equipment and introduction of new technologies.
The number of involved employees - 598 people.

Website: www.afsv.ru

2015 Financial year results:
Revenue 2015: 46,20 Mln. CHF
Total Assets 2015: 30,26 Mln. CHF
Equity 2015: 12,25 Mln. CHF