"Agrofirma Selo Voroshilova" - is the largest agro-industrial enterprise in the Stavropol region, having a full production cycle from feed cultivation and the maintenance of their own dairy herd, to milk processing and sale of dairy products.
Share of «Swiss Capital International Group» is 50%.
"Agrofirma Selo Voroshilova" is located in a specially protected, eco-resort region of Caucasian Mineral Waters, in the village of Suvorov foothill areas, 25 kilometers from the town of Essentuki. The special status of Eco-Resort Region makes foothill areas unique territory for the production of ecologically clean agricultural products.
Modern dairy - commodity farm provides a consistently high quality and environmental friendliness of its products. It is one of the oldest and largest of the Russian dairy farms, which uses advanced European and American principles of cattle care, allowing to obtain not only high yields of milk, but also significantly save on energy resources.
The number of cattle heads is 2198 (dairy - 962). Annual milk production is 8,554,427 kg.
The warm climate of the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters and, as a result, a long growing season of plants allows to grow cheaper production, and high-quality and high-calorie feed for dairy cattle.
The total area of arable land of agricultural company is 10 288 hectares. Products: cereals, sunflower, corn, are used both for own needs and for sale.
Crop production is 103,959 tons and includes: winter wheat - 22 312 tonnes, winter barley - 4051 tonnes, maize - 10,152 tons, sunflower seeds - 3005 tons, peas - 1 191 tonnes, soybean - 524 tons , corn silage - 13 881 tons, perennial grasses - 48,843 tons.
The number of involved employees - 199 people.

Website: www.afsv.ru

2015 Financial year results:
Revenue 2015: 7,91 Mln. CHF
Total Assets 2015: 20,92 Mln. CHF
Equity 2015: 16,36 Mln. CHF